Who are we ?
Our company is an architectural company operating in Italy, which has achieved various successes in its field with its Italian architect staff, and has gained the trust of its customers with its expert staff in the field of Fair Stand Design. Since 2011, he has been carrying out projects in the field of Fair Stand Design. It also provides services in the field of Office, Villa, Bar and Landscape designs.

Our policy of progress in project concepts has three phases;

1: Planning and design phase,

At this stage, the plan and project of the specific area are drawn and shown to the customer, with the customer request and the advertisement of the corporate identity being the highest priority. After the customer revisions, the favorite project is ready to be implemented and the production phase is started.

2: Manufacturing Phase,
It is very important that the project is put into practice. Therefore, during the manufacturing phase, the exact dimensions and aesthetics of the project are completed by our expert staff with the follow-up of architects/interior architects.

3: Assembly Phase,


At this stage, the exact same project that is shown to the customer by making a presentation is left out of the production phase and applied exactly in the project area. The most important thing is the customer requests and the complete delivery of the project.

Zaino Design & Architecture SRL

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